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OWB SafeCarry Ranger


I have been searching for the right holster to wear for duty carry, as well as one that was concealable for off-duty carry. Double Click came recommended and I am more than pleased with my purchase.

The holster is rugged, well made, and comfortable. The attention to detail is evident.

The design on the retention is perfect and my weapon is secure and the draw is great.
I have recommended Double Click to agency members, as well as other peace officers in the area.

I have received many compliments on the holster and am happy I decided on Double Click Holsters. Oh, and the customer service is amazing (one of the many reasons to purchase from them).

R. Scifres

Tactical Elite for the MP40


I had DCH build the Tactical Elite for my full size MP40, the fit and finish is outstanding and the contour to the body is unmatched. I wear this rig OC but, it will virtually “disappear” with nothing more than a shirt tail covering it…


Keith K. 

Kimber Micro 9 Holster


This is the most comfortable holster I have ever used. They made it to fit my new Kimber Micro 9 and the fit is perfect!! I HIGHLY recommend this holster or any of the Double Click holsters. The workmanship is superior and everyone is so great.

They respond to your needs very quickly and even make the holster anyway you want. Not too many companies are willing to “special up” your holster. The holster is very versatile. It rides well at the kidney or in front with equal comfort. GREAT Holster!!! Love it…


Best Holster I’ve Owned


Hands down, this is the best holster I’ve ever owned. I had two other holsters for my XDs and this is by far the best quality and most comfortable.

The XDs fits perfectly and drawing from the holster is extremely easy, but it also holds the pistol snuggly. This is actually the 5th holster I’ve purchased from DoubleClick and will definitely continue giving them my business.

Josh C. 

Great Holster


I am very pleased with this holster. As a federal law enforcement agent I carry it on duty and it’s the best holster I’ve ever owned. My firearm wasn’t listed on their website, so I emailed the company and they immediately ordered a mold and made my custom order. Very well made, very concealable and very secure while still having a smooth draw.


SPecialty Holster


I contacted Davy needing a holster for my backup gun. He worked for me to design a perfect holster with an ingenious specialty clip that I needed to be 100% certain that the small pistol would stay in place and holstered until needed. What Great customer service. I give DoubleClick my highest recommendation!

Marty S.

Typical Doubleclick Quality


Always a pleasure to deal with the best… materials and assembly are top quality. The finish on all the edges is superb, thanx guys! I have enough other kydex products to know what I’m talking about.

James H. 

Shotgun Shell Caddy


This shotgun shell caddy is the most useful device that I own. I would highly recommend this company for any products that the produce now or in the future.

Donnie M.



Outstanding; superior to my other off brand kydex products!

James H.



I received my new holster and it is exactly what I expected from you….great fit and excellent craftsmanship. I’m sure it will provide flawless performance for many, many years as I carry it on and off-duty.

Mike L.



I just received another order from Double Click Holsters; and man, am I pleased with how everything turned out! Fit and finish was excellent, as I have come to expect; and the Raptor leather pattern, fooled the eyes of everyone I showed my rig to.

It looks like bull hide leather; which makes it nice for those times when you don’t want to look all tactical. I wanted my double magazine pouch to mimic the two tone configuration of my holster; but magazine pouches aren’t normally done that way, due to the added thickness and cost.

This rig was for an expensive 1911, that I have been wanting for a long time; so I told David, if it can be done, make it happen. He had never produced a similar magazine pouch; but he knocked it out of the ballpark! The quick loops make donning and shedding the holster and magazine pouch a breeze. I also got a custom, inside the waistband holster made for my Rock Island Armory, M206 revolver.

David surprised me, by installing a new clip he developed. The new clip offers the convenience of the quick loops; with the added security of a closed belt loop. I’m already looking forward to placing my next order.

Sellers B.

Perfect Fit


Amazing work.  
I have owned several holsters.  All of them had strengths in their own right; however, the holsters that I just bought from DoubleClick have all of those strengths put together, plus more. Let’s start with the contour of the holster, it feels like it is actually part of you when worn.
The material that it is constructed of is heavy duty. You can tell that it is made to endure whatever you put it through, while protecting your weapon.  Other holsters have various locking devices that you have to train your muscle memory to find when you have to draw quickly… this unique design holds your weapon very securely without having a point of contact to release the weapon. It is seated snug in the holster, because it is tailored for your weapon to such an extent that it fits like a glove.
When you draw your weapon, it comes out of the holster all at once; whereas, you are in perfect trajectory to aim.  This perfect angle of draw is so remarkable, that even-though I have had rotatory cuff issues for many years.. the draw angle is the best possible one from off of my hip.  The holsters I bought from this personable company; DoubleClick Holsters, actually compliment my Steyr,
and I am sure will compliment any weapon that I commission to have a holster made for. 
The price that I paid for the two holsters; 
The OWB Tactical Elite, and The OWB Tactical Slide, were a serious bargain.  
I sincerely believe that they could charge twice what they are asking for their services, 
and folks would still agree that it is a great deal.
James Kosior

Sig P938


My wife and I bought each other new carry guns for Christmas, which meant we needed new holsters to fit.

We looked at dozens of holsters and kept coming back to Double Click to compare. Their quality of workmanship was superior.

Their designs were well thought out and well executed. The folks at the booth were downright nice! (and knowledgeable).

We are CCW holders, have been competitive shooters in multiple disciplines for 30+ years and we run a 480 acre ranch/shooting range.

We carry all day, everyday. Inside the waist band is our preferred carry because it protects the gun and holster from the inevitable bumps, thumps and snags that occur when climbing on and off tractors and in and out of vehicles.

This is the most versatile and most COMFORTABLE holster I’ve ever worn, no matter what position I wear it.

I will buy more holsters from this company.

Gerald B. 

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