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Custom Kydex Holsters

Our custom kydex holsters and accessories are handmade in the Heart of Texas.

Enjoy your freedom

                           * Orders Take Approximately 3 Weeks to Fulfill


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Featuring Our Combo Holster

TNS Holster & Mag Combo

This is our TNS inside-the-waistband gun holster/magazine combo, designed for everyday carry (EDC).  This holster combo comes standard with two polymer 5 hole Tac Ware belt clips (other belt clip options are available on the order form). Each of our IWB holsters comes with premium suede backing for all day comfort.

The World’s Best Holsters (Seriously)

We wanted a holster that satisfied our needs for retention, safety, comfort, and durability; so we built our own.

We are proud to work hard to make products like no other. 

Texas Quality

Safe & Secure

Shipped to you

Patented technology

We are happy to announce that we are now patented for our design on our SafeCarry Ranger Holster. US D874,130 S.

Our team has worked diligently for years to custom-craft the perfect holster. Once we realized what we created, we applied for a patent. Now we have it and could not be more excited!

Custom Kydex Holsters

Have something unique? We’ll work with you to complete the project. Our custom kydex holsters are made by hand and built to last. Whether you are law enforcement, a competition shooter, or a freedom-loving American, we can help protect your liberty and keep your firearms safe.  

All of our products are made in the great state of Texas. 

Learn the Craft

We believe everyone who carries is responsible to stay safe and stay sharp. We do our best to help by creating information and videos on how to use our products and implement better gun safety. 

Looking for Texas License to Carry Classes? Visit our friends at Apostles Firearms Academy

Looking for Shooting Classes? See what our own Bob Haygood has to offer.

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